Initial Teacher Education

Primary Specialisation

The Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group (TEMAG) report recommended that all initial teacher education primary graduates be equipped with a subject specialisation.

What have we done?

The revised Standards and Procedures will require all graduates of primary teaching programs to have a specialisation.

Primary graduates will be prepared to teach in each of the learning areas of the primary school curriculum, and in addition, will undertake a specialisation in one learning area of the primary school curriculum. Thus primary graduates of initial teacher education programs will be generalist primary teachers, with a deep focus in a particular learning area.

The primary specialisation requirements are set out in Program Standard 4.4 in the revised Standards and Procedures.

These requirements are clarified in the Guideline: Primary Specialisation. The Guideline provides initial teacher education providers, regulators, principals and accreditation panellists with further clarity about this Program Standard. It gives additional information around fields of specialisation, assessment, program requirements, implementation and reporting.

Find out more
See Standard 4.4 in the revised Standards and Procedures (280KB PDF)
See Guideline: Primary Specialisation 

What's next?

AITSL is working with key stakeholders, including subject associations, to describe the outcomes expected of graduates in areas of subject specialisation, beginning with the priority areas of maths/numeracy and science. These outcomes statements will be published on this website. 

Why a focus on primary specialisation?

The TEMAG noted the declining engagement and participation of students in maths and science, as well as the lack of confidence that teachers have in these areas. Poor engagement with maths and science in the early years of formal education was identified as a critical link in the chain of students completing school with skills and knowledge in these areas and graduates being qualified to teach maths and science.

What will the outcome be?

We anticipate that graduate primary teachers developing additional depth of understanding in one primary learning area will contribute to improved outcomes for students, including better engagement and confidence in targeted subjects, leading to increased take-up of these subjects in senior years.