Initial Teacher Education

Assessment of Pre-service Teachers

At the point of graduation, all pre-service teachers should be ‘classroom ready’: that is, they meet the Graduate career stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. They are capable of creating learning experiences that support the achievement of all students, able to analyse, interpret and act on data, and confident in engaging with parents, carers and the community. Consistent, rigorous assessment of pre-service teachers to ensure they are adequately prepared for the classroom should be supported by universities, employers and schools. Assessment of pre-service teachers is a significant component of determining whether an initial teacher education program is effective in order to achieve and maintain accreditation.

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What have we done?

AITSL has incorporated requirements for consistent and robust assessment of pre-service teachers during their programs into the revised Standards and Procedures. Universities must require all initial teacher education students to pass a rigorous assessment that covers the breadth of teaching responsibilities to ensure that they are classroom ready by the time they graduate.  

Find out more: see Standard 1.2 in the revised Standards and Procedures (280KB PDF)

What's next?

AITSL will work closely with key stakeholders to develop, trial or adapt high quality and reliable assessment instruments that will support universities to meet the new requirements.

Why a focus on assessment of pre-service teachers?

Robust assessment of pre-service teachers is vital in giving students, families and schools confidence that graduates from Australian initial teacher education programs are adequately prepared for the requirements and challenges of teaching. In its report Action Now: Classroom Ready Teachers, the Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group identified a lack of consistent and authentic assessment practices across Australia. Without an understanding of whether pre-service teachers have the necessary skills to have a positive impact on student learning, it is challenging for universities to demonstrate the quality of their programs.

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What will the outcome be?

Through the strengthened accreditation process, all universities will have to demonstrate that their pre-service teachers are rigorously assessed in order to graduate. As a result, students, families and schools can be assured that all new teachers have the knowledge and skills required of them by the Graduate Standards and are well-prepared to have a positive impact on student learning as they enter into their new careers.