AITSL initiated the teaching performance assessment grant program with the objective of contributing funding to the development of high-quality teaching performance assessments that are to be used across a large number of initial teacher education (ITE) providers.

Consortia of Australian ITE providers were invited to submit expressions of interest to participate in the grant program.

Following the expression of interest process, two consortia were successful in receiving grant funding to support their development of TPA aligned with Program Standard 1.2 in the Accreditation of initial teacher education programs in Australia: Standards and Procedures 2015.

Details of the successful consortia are provided in a recent announcement.

Understand more about the Teacher Performance Assessment grant program

Roles in relation to Program Standard 1.2

StakeholderProgram Standard 1.2TPA grant programTPA Expert Advisory Group
AITSLSupport TRAs, trained panellists and ITE providers to understand and meet Program Standard 1.2

Establish grant program


Ensure funded consortia develop high quality TPAs that are ready for implementation in 2018


Work with consortia partners to support TPAs being made available at the conclusion of the project


Work with consortia partners to ensure TPAs can be made available to all ITE providers on reasonable terms at the conclusion of the project

Establish and operate the TPA Expert Advisory Group
ITE Providers Meet the requirements of Program Standard 1.2

Work with consortium partners - if involved in the TPA grant program 

Consider seeking advice from the TPA Expert Advisory Group when developing a TPA
Teacher Regulatory Authorities (TRAs)

Support ITE providers to understand Program Standard 1.2


Assess evidence against Program Standard 1.2 as part of the accreditation process (accreditation panels)

Work with their ITE providers who might be involved in the consortia


Consider advice from the TPA Expert Advisory Group

Consider seeking advice from the TPA Expert Advisory Group to support accreditation decisions
TPA Expert Advisory GroupProvide advice to TRAs and ITE providers on Program Standard 1.2

Assess TPAs developed through the grant program


Provide advice to AITSL and TRAs on the assessment of the TPAs