Ensuring that comprehensive and transparent selection processes are adopted by all initial teacher education providers will ensure that students possess academic and non-academic skills to enable them to become successful teachers.


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ITE providers implement updated selection procedures

Performance indicator

ITE providers update and publish selection procedures for programs that include academic and non-academic criteria

All Australian ITE providers have updated their websites to include information on both academic and non-academic selection criteria in their selection processes.



Selection into ITE programs is responsive to entrant progress and outcomes

Performance indicator

ITE providers regularly review their selection methods based on progress and outcomes data

When will we know more?

As cohort data is analysed in relation to program entry and reported on, the evidence base identifying the contribution of selection to success as a teacher will grow.

AITSL and key ITE stakeholder worked together to develop the Accreditation of initial teacher education programs in Australia: Annual reporting operational guide which will support ITE providers and Authorities to collate aggregated data on the selection methods being used for entry into ITE programs.

This data will be received from late 2020 onwards as ITE providers progressively gather and provide this data through their stage 2 accreditation applications.


High proportion of entrants complete ITE programs and are equipped to be effective teachers

Performance indicator

Increase in ITE student retention rates

The six-year completion rate (as at 2017) for ITE students who commenced in 2012 was 51% for undergraduates and 78% for postgraduates (ITE Data Report 2019, p. xv).

In comparison, the six-year completion rate (as at 2016) for ITE students who commenced in 2011 was 56% for undergraduates and 79% for postgraduates (ITE Data Report 2018, p. xiv).

Despite this slight drop in completion rates, the 2019 ITE Data Report shows that, overall, ITE students were still more likely than all higher education students to successfully complete a unit of study in 2017. The success rate in ITE was 90%, compared to 88% across all higher education programs.

Undergraduate six-year completion and attrition rates
2012 commencing cohort, status as at end 2017)

Six year rate 2

(Source: 2019 ITE Data Report, p. 66)

Postgraduate six-year completion and attrition rates 
2012 commencing cohort, status as at end 2017)

Six year rate 1(Source: 2019 ITE Data Report, p. 67)

When will we know more?

By 2020 – 2021, ITE providers will have been selecting entrants on academic and non-academic capabilities for a number of years. As providers continue to collect and analyse data on the relationship between retention and attrition, we will begin to see this data provided to the regulatory authorities through annual reporting and stage two accreditation processes.