Robust assessment

Ensuring that all pre-service teachers meet the Graduate Teacher Standards prior to graduation through a rigorous teaching performance assessment will give confidence that they are classroom ready and will have a positive impact on student outcomes.


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ITE providers collaborate to develop teaching performance assessments

Performance indicator

1. Number of ITE providers involved in a consortium through the TPA grant program

In 2017, AITSL provided seed funding for the development of TPAs that could be used by a large number of ITE providers. Two consortia of ITE providers were selected to receive the seed funding and develop and trial TPAs. At the time of funding, one consortium consisted of 13 providers and the other consortium consisted of ten providers. This makes a total of twenty-one participating providers across the two consortia (almost 40% of all providers, noting that two ITE providers are participating in both consortia).

0 ITE providers participated in the two TPA consortia

2. Number of ITE providers working together to share understanding about the development and ongoing implementation of TPAs

AITSL is aware that groups of providers, external to the consortia, are working together to develop robust and complying TPAs.

Further data will be available as more ITE programs are accredited against the 2015 Standards and Procedures.


Assessment of pre-service teachers is consistent and rigorous, to ensure the classroom readiness of Australian teachers

Performance indicator

TPAs are endorsed by the AITSL TPA expert advisory group as meeting Program Standard 1.2

AITSL established an expert advisory group to provide advice on the development, implementation, and monitoring of a TPA to help ensure it meets the requirements of Program Standard 1.2.

To date, the expert advisory group has endorsed two TPAs.

When will we know more?

At the 22 June 2018 Education Council meeting, education ministers agreed to AITSL revising the 2015 Standards and Procedures to require the expert advisory group to provide advice on all TPAs.

As of December 2019, the expert advisory group will provide advice on all TPAs as part of accreditation decisions made by teacher regulatory authorities. In time, this will provide a national overview of TPAs and ensure comparability in the ways in which TPAs meet Program Standard 1.2.


TPAs contribute to graduates of ITE programs having a consistently high level of classroom readiness

Performance indicators

1. Benchmarking of TPAs indicates a high degree of consistency in assessment of pre-service teachers against the Graduate Teacher Standards

In mid-2018, Education Council agreed that, following implementation, it will be critical to understand how consistently all TPAs are assessing the Graduate Teacher Standards.

In June 2019, 'benchmarking' activities will commence to ensure that all TPAs are consistently assessing pre-service teachers against the Graduate Teacher Standards.

2. Perceptions of classroom readiness by ITE graduates and teacher employers

Over time, we can expect to see increased levels of confidence in the classroom readiness of ITE students.

When we will know more

Progress will be reported as data becomes available.