National research and workforce planning

Ensuring the development of a national data set on initial teacher education and the teacher workforce will support continuous improvement in the design and delivery of initial teacher education programs and contribute to the growth of teaching as a profession.


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Agreement to share and link data for effective teaching workforce management

Performance indicators

1. National agreement across Commonwealth and all states and territories to fund and participate in a national strategy to achieve nationally consistent workforce data

In December 2016, Education Council agreed to fund and participate in the Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) Strategy for an initial four year period from 2017 to 2021.

2. Commonwealth Linkage Authority contracted to link, manage the data and data security in the ATWD

The Australian Institute for Health and Welfare (AIHW) has been appointed as the Commonwealth Linkage Authority to collate, link, and store the data collected through the ATWD. The AIHW will also de-identify the data and manage data security, privacy, and access under guidance from the ATWD Oversight Board.


Integrated national data product available for the purpose of workforce data modelling

Performance indicators

1. Proportion of teachers nationally included in the ATWD data

Four jurisdictions participated in the 2018 ('wave 1') data collection which provided data for over 50% of all teachers nationally. This data was successfully linked with ITE data and ATWD Teacher Survey data for 2018 in three jurisdictions.

The 2019 ('wave 2') data collection will include six jurisdictions and provide data for over 80% of all teachers nationally. Linkage with ITE data took place in June and July 2020. The ATWD Teacher Survey for 2019 collected data from the participating jurisdictions over the period August 2019  to April 2020. 

2. First data product endorsed and approved for public release

Work in this area is progressing under the auspices of the ATWD Oversight Board. The ATWD National Pipeline Report 2019 based on the unit record ITE data is approaching its final drafting, and will be released in late 2020 subject to approval by the ATWD Oversight Board.


Continuous program improvement based on research and policy and robust teacher workforce supply modelling

Performance indicators

1. Series of national ITE and teacher workforce reports available for use by jurisdictions and Commonwealth for ITE and teacher workforce planning

The first ATWD National Pipeline Report and ATWD Workforce Characteristics Report, based on the 2018 ('wave 1') data collection, will be made available in 2020 subject to approval by the ATWD Oversight Board.

2. Stakeholder perceptions of usefulness of data in ITE program design, delivery, and improvement and workforce supply modelling

Stakeholder perceptions on the usefulness of data in these areas will be gathered through both quantitative and qualitative methods in 2021 and 2021. Given that many ITE providers will be moving towards the end of their accreditation cycles at this point and will be beginning to look at program improvements based on the data they have gathered, these perceptions will provide a rich source of feedback on the ATWD.