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The Opportunity

AITSL has commenced work with the teaching profession and is scoping professional learning resources that will build or enhance the Indigenous cultural competency of the existing teaching workforce and increase cultural safety in schools.

We will develop a whole of school ‘roadmap’ approach by which teachers and school leaders will be able to access the resources that best suits them. To do this AITSL will consult extensively and partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education experts and the profession to deliver this work.

The aim of the work is to contribute towards increased participation, setting high expectations and learning outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

The project will be driven by the advice of an Advisory Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education (AGATSIE), the evidence, and by consultation with other stakeholders.

AITSL is currently developing an initial discussion paper that will explore the common themes we have seen in our consultations to date and looking at what the research shows.

The discussion paper will be released shortly and will be followed by a national consultation where we will undertake a road show to ensure that we hear from educators and communities across Australia. As part of the consultation we will be calling for submissions.

A synthesis of the national consultation will then be developed in late 2020 before we undertake a face-to-face National Dialogue. The National Dialogue will be a two-day workshop where we will engage with emerging leaders in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.

Following the National Dialogue, a final report and recommendations will be presented at Education Council in December 2020.