Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Network

The Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) Network is the first of its kind in Australia, bringing together all teachers nationally certified as Highly Accomplished or Lead. This new professional network enables certified teachers to develop expertise with like-minded colleagues from across Australia and work together to share the collective expertise of the Network with the broader profession.

Halt network group photograph

The HALT Network will focus on advancing teacher quality across Australia to improve outcomes for all young people.

To achieve this, the Network will initially focus on the following priorities:

  • raising the profile of, and promoting the value of certification
  • increasing the number of nationally certified teachers
  • supporting the induction of beginning teachers to the profession, and
  • showcasing and sharing high quality teaching to inspire other teachers to progress to the Highly Accomplished or Lead career stages.

The Network is a new initiative, and AITSL acknowledges that as members take ownership of the Network, purpose and priorities may change.



We are nationally certified Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers. Experts at our craft, leaders in our profession; trusted and respected learning advocates. We know that as individuals we have impact on the young people we teach and on our colleagues. We work with our communities to improve outcomes for all young people.


We believe in our profession and the ability of every teacher to have a positive impact on the lives of the young people they teach. Every day we challenge ourselves and those we work with to achieve their best.


We come together as like-minded individuals to share expertise and work together to develop the greatness in all teachers. As a Network we will have impact on our profession. We will develop ourselves and others, and collectively grow the expertise of the profession so as to have maximum impact on all young people.


We are the advocates, leaders, and owners of the Network.

As a Network we will:

  • share our expertise to develop ourselves and others
  • celebrate our success and our profession
  • work with beginning teachers and induct them to our profession
  • encourage and coach our colleagues to become nationally certified

The HALT Charter is intended to both inspire and create momentum for the Network. Whilst this may change over time as the Network takes shape, it is presented here to guide emerging Network action.