Jump Start – New Student Induction Program

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Career Stage: Highly Accomplished

The teacher led the creation and implementation of the Jump Start – New Student Induction Program, in collaboration with two colleagues. This resulted from an identified need to support the smooth transition of new students into the school. The goals of Jump Start include improving student well-being, attendance, retention and engagement through a program targeted at developing a shared understanding about school procedures and expectations and students’ rights and responsibilities. The teacher led the implementation and evaluation of this program at the middle years level, with student well-being data indicating success in achieving the program’s goals across all year levels, and suggested improvements to the program for the following year.

The teacher is a primary years practitioner, currently teaching a year 7 class at a school in the Northern Adelaide region. She designs engaging and intellectually challenging learning and teaching programs and leads colleagues in the development of integrated units of work based on rich tasks, thus immersing students in the variety of topics covered. She manages a year 7–8 transition program, which demonstrates her leadership of student wellbeing initiatives. She is also a member of the Parent Advisory Council, Governing Council and Planning and Review Team, and leads the involvement of the school in external programs such as the Tournament of the Minds and Wakakirri.

Standard 1
Know students and how they learn
Focus Area 1.4 Strategies for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
Highly Accomplished
Provide advice and support colleagues in the implementation of effective teaching strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students using knowledge of and support from community representatives.

Standard 3
Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Focus Area 3.6 Evaluate and improve teaching programs
Highly Accomplished
Work with colleagues to review current teaching and learning programs using student feedback, student assessment data, knowledge of curriculum and workplace practices.

Standard 4
Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments
Focus Area 4.1 Support student participation
Highly Accomplished
Model effective practice and support colleagues to implement inclusive strategies that engage and support all students.
Focus Area 4.3 Manage challenging behaviour
Highly Accomplished
Develop and share with colleagues a flexible repertoire of behaviour management strategies using expert knowledge and workplace experience.
Focus Area 4.4 Maintain student safety
Highly Accomplished
Initiate and take responsibility for implementing current school and/or system, curriculum and legislative requirements to ensure student wellbeing and safety.

  1. How have you been involved in improving transition processes and/or policies within your school?
  2. What process/es of evaluation have you undertaken to ensure students feel safe and supported at your school?
  3. How do you model for colleagues targeted strategies to support the full inclusion and engagement of all students?
Parafield Gardens R-7 School
Parafield Gardens, South Australia
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