Australian Professional Standards for Teachers


National Professional Standards for Teachers Consultation March – May 2010

The 2003 National Framework for Professional Standards for Teaching was endorsed by Education Ministers as part of continuing efforts to define and promote quality teaching.

It was timely to update the 2003 Framework in the context of the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians, the national Productivity Agenda and the collaborative Council of Australian Governments arrangements and agreements, and especially the National Partnership Agreement on Improving Teacher Quality, as well as the range of standards work done by professional associations.

Work to develop new national professional standards began in January 2009. The development process drew on national agreements, extensive research and expert knowledge, as well as analysis and review of the use of standards to inform professional development and provide an objective basis for assessing professional practice.

The Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs (MCEECDYA) endorsed national stakeholder and public consultations on the draft National Professional Standards for Teachers between March and May 2010.

Stakeholder consultations were conducted within jurisdictions using the arrangements determined by jurisdictional authorities, major employing authorities and teacher regulatory authorities. The Australian Government conducted consultations with national stakeholders. The process was designed to gain feedback on ways to improve the Standards, and to invite engagement from the profession.

Submissions were received from the Australian Government, state and territory governments and their regulatory authorities, education unions, professional peak bodies and individual schools and teachers. In total, 120 submissions were received, which included consolidated and joint submissions, as well as those received through the MCEECDYA website from individuals and organisations.

All feedback submitted was considered in redrafting the Standards.

With the approval of the Australian Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs Senior Officials Committee (AEEYSOC), the following information is available:

Adjunct Paper (pdf, 196kb)

Consultation Report (pdf, 292kb)