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Facets currently in use: Scope : Illustrations; Career Stage : Proficient; Primary Focus Area : 3.2;

  • linkExplicit learning goals - (Proficient teachers)

    Explicit learning goals

    At the beginning of the lesson the teacher outlines his plan to consolidate a previously learned technical skill in soccer, and also to introduce two new skills The teacher aims to scaffold skill dev...

  • linkNumber sentences - (Proficient teachers)

    Number sentences

    This lesson sequence aims to develop studentsrsquo; understanding of the order of operations in number sequences The teachers have structured the sequence to ensure that students develop a deep under...

  • linkDecimals - (Proficient teachers)


    The teacher has used knowledge of Mathematics, the curriculum and her students to plan and implement an effective teaching and learning program related to decimal conceptsnbsp; A key goal is to provi...

  • linkWhat makes a good review? - (Proficient teachers)

    What makes a good review?

    This learning sequence is specifically targeted at skill building and developing student confidence in regard to critically analysing and then writing a review The teacher poses the question, lsquo;W...

  • linkUsing money - (Proficient teachers)

    Using money

    A primary school teacher demonstrates how she selects and uses content and resources that provide connections with studentsrsquo; prior knowledge or experiences in using money

  • linkInquiry learning in play spaces - (Proficient teachers)

    Inquiry learning in play spaces

    An early childhood teacher shares how she plans for and implements a structured inquiry program working from studentsrsquo; interests to achieve curriculum goals The teacher is highly organized and h...

  • linkSustainable cities - (Proficient teachers)

    Sustainable cities

    Within a series of lessons that incorporate a key fieldwork trip, the teacher selects and uses teaching strategies that develop studentsrsquo; knowledge, skills, problem solving and critical and crea...

  • linkPerceptions of reality - (Proficient teachers)

    Perceptions of reality

    This lesson aims to develop studentsrsquo; understanding of the ways in which the media influences societyrsquo;s values and peoplersquo;s perceptions of their world The teacher has structured a vari...

  • linkA collaborative learning space - (Proficient teachers)

    A collaborative learning space

    The teacher of the year 1 class has a highly developed understanding of how to plan and implement effective teaching and learning using ICT At the beginning of the lesson, she uses a series of concep...

  • linkAnimal movement - (Proficient teachers)

    Animal movement

    A teacher carefully builds student understanding and engagement in a lesson to prep students She wants them to understand that the way an object moves is dependent on a variety of factors After discu...

  • link2D shapes and their features - (Proficient teachers)

    2D shapes and their features

    A grade one and two teacher explores the language of 2D shapes and their features with her students The teacher aims to build the students vocabulary around shapes and their features and also the loc...