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Ongoing informal assessment

About this Illustration of Practice

One of a team of teachers at Selandra kindergarten, Debbie works with an individual child to review his understanding of the life cycle of butterflies and to identify his learning needs. She describes a range of assessment strategies she uses with her colleagues including discussions with children, observation, and photographing children's work. She also explains how the teachers document each child's 'learning journey', as an example of one of their approaches used to report to children's families or carers. 

This Illustration was produced through a partnership between the Victorian Institute of Teaching and the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. 

Standard 5
Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning
Focus area 5.1
Assess student learning
Career stage
Develop, select and use informal and formal, diagnostic, formative and summative assessment strategies to assess student learning.
Other descriptors
Standard 5
Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning
Focus area 5.5
Report on student achievement
Career stage
Report clearly, accurately and respectfully to students and parents/carers about student achievement, making use of accurate and reliable records.
  1. What assessment strategies do you use to monitor and assess children's learning and plan for children's individual interests and needs?
  2. How do you keep families/ carers informed of their child's knowledge, interests and skills?
  3. How do you apply strengths based approaches to the ongoing cycle of planning?
Selandra Kindergarten
Year level
Early Childhood
Stage of schooling
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School location
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Selandra Kindergarten is located in the suburb of Clyde North, south-east of Melbourne. The kindergarten is managed by the local council, the City of Casey and currently caters for five groups of children who attend for 15 hours each week. The children come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and the staff of early childhood teachers and educators at the kindergarten focus on holistic teaching and learning, as well as connecting with the local community.  

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