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Collaborative teaching in science inquiry

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Two grade six teachers discuss how they work collaboratively with the Head of Science at their K-12 school in integrating Science into their unit of inquiry on sharing the planet. The unit focuses on the central idea that children worldwide face risks and challenges. In this lesson students learn about earthquakes, drawing on other subject areas such as math, to understand how earthquakes affect the physical environment.

Standard 3
Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Focus area 3.2
Plan, structure and sequence learning programs
Career stage
Highly Accomplished
Work with colleagues to plan, evaluate and modify learning and teaching programs to create productive learning environments that engage all students.
  1. How do you connect classroom content with real world problems or students' own experiences?
  2. What resources and structures could you draw on to support staff collaboration and planning?
  3. What strategies could you use to integrate learning from specialist subjects such as science, languages, music and the arts?
Mentone Girls’ Grammar School
Year level
Year 6
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Located 20km south of central Melbourne, Mentone Girls' Grammar is a Foundation to Year 12 school founded in 1899. Science is a main focus at the school and students in Year 5 and 6 are taught STEM subjects by specialist teachers from the Senior School. In Year 5, students undertake a STEM year in which every topic connects to Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. As a result of the strong emphasis on Science, the school has high student uptake of Science electives at Year 12.


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