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Cellular respiration

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At St Mary's College, the students undertake an experiment to reinforce their understanding of cellular respiration. As the students undertake the practical lesson measuring the carbon dioxide production from five solutions the classroom teacher who is also the science coordinator circulates among the groups. Asking open and closed questions that unpack their observations, the teacher helps the students establish connections with their prior learning and encourages deeper learning.

Standard 3
Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Focus area 3.5
Use effective classroom communication
Career stage
Use effective verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to support student understanding, participation, engagement and achievement.
Other descriptors
Standard 2
Know the content and how to teach it
Focus area 2.2
Content selection and organisation
Career stage
Organise content into coherent, well-sequenced learning and teaching programs.
  1. How do you ensure a safe learning environment for all students?
  2. How do you identify when it is more appropriate to use open or closed questions?
  3. What hands on experiences do you offer to students that reinforce core concepts?
St Mary’s College
Year level
Year 11
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St Mary’s College in Hobart was founded in 1868 and provides a K-12 education for girls (and K-2 for boys). The college has implemented the Australian Curriculum for science from Foundation to Year 10 and offers a wide variety of science subjects at the senior years including biology, chemistry and earth sciences. The college has established a Women in Science Centre and participates in a range of events including the University of Tasmania Science Fair to increase opportunities for students to engage in science.


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