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2D shapes and their features

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A grade one and two teacher explores the language of 2D shapes and their features with her students. The teacher aims to build the student's vocabulary around shapes and their features and also the location of objects. The lesson is adapted from an approach outlined by a maths consultant and included in the curriculum document developed by three local schools in their professional learning community. The teacher has adapted the lesson for her class, making it more kinesthetic and including consolidation, enabling and extending tasks.

Standard 3
Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Focus area 3.2
Plan, structure and sequence learning programs
Career stage
Plan and implement well-structured learning and teaching programs or lesson sequences that engage students and promote learning.
Other descriptors
Standard 6
Engage in professional learning
Focus area 6.2
Engage in professional learning and improve practice
Career stage
Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities.
  1. How do you review and adapt activities to ensure they are appropriate for your students?
  2. How do you use learning sequences to support students in developing higher order thinking skills?
  3. How could professional learning communities enhance the teaching and learning in your school context?
Learning area
Year level
Year 2
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St. Georges Road Primary School
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Year 1
Year 2
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St Georges Road Primary School services a culturally and linguistically diverse community. The educational program prioritises Literacy, Numeracy, learning to learn and ICT. As part of their drive to build strong, respectful partnerships within their community, the school has teamed up with two other local schools, Gowrie St Primary School and Wilmot Road Primary School, to establish a Professional Learning Community. The PLC provides a collaborative platform for the schools to access outside consultants and to plan and conduct professional learning that positively impacts teachers across each of the schools.  

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