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Plate tectonics

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A year 8 teacher uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to make her students' learning about plate tectonics in geography more relevant and engaging. After explaining the key concepts using educational multimedia specially developed for educational audiences, she sets her students a task where they will work in pairs, with her support, to research, script develop, and present a multimodal animation explaining these concepts.


Standard 2
Know the content and how to teach it
Focus area 2.6
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Career stage
Use effective teaching strategies to integrate ICT into learning and teaching programs to make selected content relevant and meaningful.
  1. In what ways do you use ICT for teaching and learning?
  2. In what ways have you experienced or observed ICT making learning more relevant and meaningful for students?
  3. On what basis do you make judgements about the suitability of ICT resources for your students to use in your classroom?
Chisholm Catholic College
Western Australia
Year level
Year 8
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Stage of schooling
School type
Non Government
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The teacher regularly uses a range of ICT resources in her class. The kinds of resources used will depend on the topic and its complexity. She encourages students to use plasticine for modelling, which can then be filmed. Students can also create digital posters that they use to demonstrate concepts. For more complex work she encourages students to experiment with computer animations developing their own movies. When sourcing resources for the classroom, she attempts to use educationally valid resources especially designed for an educational audience.

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