Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

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About this Illustration of Practice

In this illustration students are studying  the elective ‘Engaging Asia.’ Tom Ryan is team-teaching with Sharna Carter. This is a summative lesson reflecting on the ideas and skills that students have learned through the use of images. In this team-teaching example Tom and Sharna examine assessment, content and pedagogy.

Standard 2
Know the content and how to teach it
Focus area 2.3
Curriculum, assessment and reporting
Career stage
Highly Accomplished
Support colleagues to plan and implement learning and teaching programs using contemporary knowledge and understanding of curriculum, assessment and reporting requirements.
  1. What experiences have you had that lead to your interest in studies of Asia?
  2. What further study have you undertaken in studies of Asia?
  3. How did you become involved in delivering professional learning to teachers?
Woodleigh School
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Year 9
Year 10
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Non Government
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Tom Ryan has taught for 15 years and he is Faculty Head of Humanities at Woodleigh School. He has written articles and chapters on Chinese history and the text China Rising – a Study in Revolution for the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria; a text suitable for VCE and the IB. Tom was commissioned by the AEF to co-lead a Study Program to China – “In the footsteps of Chairman Mao.” And, he has travelled to China on a number of occasions. He has a beginners’ certificate in Mandarin language and he furthered his studies in Hutong School in Beijing. Chinese Martial Arts is a passion that Tom practices five times per week. Sharna Carter has taught for six years and is a History, Drama and Legal Studies teacher. This is Sharna’s first year teaching the Engaging Asia elective at Woodleigh School. Sharna has travelled to China and India with students from Woodleigh School.

Woodleigh School is an Independent school established in 1856. The school is Asia proactive and has sister-school relationship and student exchanges to India and China. Woodleigh School is reviewing its curriculum and implementing the Asia priority in the Australian Curriculum across the school as subjects are released. The school aligns its Professional Growth Model for Teachers to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

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