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Leading science at Newton Moore

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This specialist science school runs two programs. The first of these, Science Horizons - Beyond the School Gate, aims to make science relevant by active learning and research in the natural environment. The second program, Science Engineering, is a new initiative that is designed to further develop students’ passion in a field of science that is particularly relevant to Western Australia. Professional collaboration and mentoring are key approaches that have led to the programs achieving national and international recognition.

Standard 2
Know the content and how to teach it
Focus area 2.1
Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
Career stage
Lead initiatives within the school to evaluate and improve knowledge of content and teaching strategies and demonstrate exemplary teaching of subjects using effective, research-based learning and teaching programs.
Other descriptors
Standard 6
Engage in professional learning
Focus area 6.3
Engage with colleagues and improve practice
Career stage
Implement professional dialogue within the school or professional learning network(s) that is informed by feedback, analysis of current research and practice to improve the educational outcomes of students.
  1. How can you stimulate innovate learning and and student engagement in learning area?
  2. In what ways could utilising your local area enhance teaching and learning opportunities for your students?
Newton Moore Senior High School
Western Australia
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Newton Moore Senior High School is located in Bunbury, Western Australia and has approximately 620 students. The school has a strong commitment to innovation through the implementation and development of future-focussed learning programs and is a Pathfinder School within Microsoft's Partners in Learning program. A strong motivation behind all decisions, is the school’s unwavering commitment to its students, parents, teachers and community to prepare students for the 21st century by embracing technology. Strong links with a range of partners within the education community - parents, government and non-government agencies, industries and local schools - support these programs.

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