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At Lansdowne Crescent Primary School, a teacher has implemented a science program with biodiversity as a theme across the primary years of schooling. The program is supported by science resources such as Primary Connections and local experts in marine biology, endangered species and geology. Evidence of leadership is demonstrated through her innovative approaches that include peer teaching and professional learning support for teachers within the school and more widely across southern Tasmania.

Standard 2
Know the content and how to teach it
Focus area 2.2
Content selection and organisation
Career stage
Lead initiatives that utilise comprehensive content knowledge to improve the selection and sequencing of content into coherently organised learning and teaching programs.
  1. How do you lead initiatives to improve whole staff uptake of learning and teaching programs?
  2. In what ways could your school engage with experts to support the delivery of the Australian curriculum?
Learning area
Year level
Year 5
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Lansdowne Crescent Primary School
Year level
Year 5
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Lansdowne Crescent Primary School is a Foundation to Year 6 school with approximately 400 students. The school has adopted an approach to teaching science that promotes collaboration with experts in the local community and encourages students to take responsibility for their learning through peer teaching program delivery.
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