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Crossing the road

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A 'specialist teacher' at O’ Connor Primary School in regional Western Australia uses ICT to engage year 1 students and support them with processing, analysing, evaluating and consolidating information about road safety. The graduate teacher begins the lesson by reading a story to the students, and then uses an ICT resource to develop student understanding of the core concepts associated with crossing the road safely. Singing, dancing and games are then used to reinforce the core concepts and as a mechanism for measuring the extent to which students have understood the lesson.

Standard 3
Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Focus area 3.4
Select and use resources
Career stage
Demonstrate knowledge of a range of resources, including ICT, that engage students in their learning.
Other descriptors
Standard 2
Know the content and how to teach it
Focus area 2.2
Content selection and organisation
Career stage
Organise content into an effective learning and teaching sequence.
  1. How do you select resources to develop student understanding of core concepts or key skills?
  2. How do you evaluate the effectiveness of digital resources and tools you have selected to engage students in learning?
  3. How do you adapt the content of resource material to meet the needs of students and their learning context?
O’Connor Primary School
Western Australia
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O’Connor Primary School is located in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, 600km east of Perth. This lesson is part of a longer teaching sequence around the theme of road safety. The resource package used by the graduate teacher provides opportunity for explicit teaching around language and core concepts related to road safety, music and dance, and student based interactivity with the technology to evaluate, process and reinforce learning.

Content provider
Country Education Partnership – Western Australia (CEP–WA)
Content provider
Society for the Provision of Education for Rural Australia (SPERA)
Content provider
Tertiary Educators Rural, Remote and Regional Network (TERRR Network)

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