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Ancient Rome

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The teacher librarian and her colleague deliver a lesson that forms part of a year 7 unit on Ancient Rome. The librarian brings to the collaboration an understanding of appropriate print and digital curriculum resources suitable to the task. She also recognises the importance of information literacy and how this needs to be taught to students. Following a classroom demonstration, she and her colleague support students in a group note taking activity using a wide range of selected resources. These include a digital translator that is used by a student with limited English vocabulary. The teacher librarian then meets with the teacher to evaluate the lesson and discuss future interventions to ensure students can meet the desired learning outcomes.

Standard 3
Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Focus area 3.3
Use teaching strategies
Career stage
Highly Accomplished
Support colleagues to select and apply effective teaching strategies to develop knowledge, skills, problem solving and critical and creative thinking.
Other descriptors
Standard 3
Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Focus area 3.4
Select and use resources
Career stage
Highly Accomplished
Assist colleagues to create, select and use a wide range of resources, including ICT, to engage students in their learning.
  1. What strategies do you use to engage students in developing an understanding of the key skills and knowledge of the learning area?
  2. How do you support colleagues to select and use a range of resources to target the individual needs of students?
Mercy Diocesan College
Year level
Year 7
Stage of schooling
School type
Non Government
School location
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Mercy Diocesan College is located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. It has approximately 600 students enrolled in years 7 to 12. There are 48 cultural backgrounds represented with 58 per cent of the student population having language backgrounds other than English. The students and staff have access to the library during the school day as well as before and after school. The Information Centre offers three learning areas for classes to utilise to satisfy their information and reading needs.

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