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The teacher, who is the professional learning co-ordinator at his school, describes how professional learning has been determined and prioritised.  Staff development is based on an analysis of student learning and welfare needs as well as on the curriculum priorities of the school’s four-year strategic plan. In-school professional learning is consequently delivered through a range of mechanisms, including whole-school training, professional learning teams, and peer tutoring. The teacher describes how information and communication technology (ICT) acts as an enabler for professional learning, through the sharing of resources by teachers, which can be viewed on interactive whiteboards in classrooms.

Standard 6
Engage in professional learning
Focus area 6.3
Engage with colleagues and improve practice
Career stage
Highly Accomplished
Initiate and engage in professional discussions with colleagues in a range of forums to evaluate practice directed at improving professional knowledge and practice, and the educational outcomes of students.
  1. In what ways could teacher collaboration be more actively facilitated at your school?
  2. What opportunities exist for sharing teaching and learning resources at your school?
Pleasant Street Primary School
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Located close to Lake Wendouree in Ballarat, Pleasant Street Primary School is a P–6 school, catering for approximately 350 students. At the school, the co-ordinator of student learning is responsible for the implementation of professional learning programs that have arisen out of the school’s four-year strategic plan. This includes co-ordination of a number of professional learning teams, including that focused on the use of ICT. A range of targeted formal and informal professional learning opportunities are provided by the school, which are based on student needs and school priorities.

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