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About this Illustration of Practice

Here an early childhood teacher models innovative practice and explores new ways to engage students in school learning. Inquiry-based approaches are being implemented across the school with teachers making learning goals specific and communicating these to students. There is a focus on strategies to enhance students’ comprehension of information texts, working from students’ interests to achieve key curriculum goals in literacy and numeracy.

Standard 2
Know the content and how to teach it
Focus area 2.2
Content selection and organisation
Career stage
Highly Accomplished
Exhibit innovative practice in the selection and organisation of content and delivery of learning and teaching programs.
  1. How could you harness students’ interests and capacity to initiate their own learning through play as a starting point for co-constructing learning?
  2. What strategies could you use to enhance students’ comprehension and creation of particular kinds of texts?
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Havenview Primary School
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Early Childhood
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In her own class, the focus teacher uses students’ ‘real life’ experiences with garden tools into the classroom to make learning purposeful. From this innovative platform, she builds students’ literacy knowledge and skills and engages students in reading, talking about and writing non-fiction texts. She has precise learning intentions for individuals and the class and analyses learning to plan explicit interventions for individual students, based on the driving topic of ‘Tools’ and their literacy learning needs.
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Early Childhood Australia (ECA)

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