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The teacher explains the particular value of ICT to her own teaching area. It allows students to hear and see a language in action. She also believes that it is particularly valuable when you are teaching a language like Japanese with its own scripts. After using hardware and software in her year 7 classroom to teach vocabulary, she adapts the lesson for use in a professional learning workshop for teachers in other learning areas. She believes that they can adapt the learning and the technologies to their own contexts.

Standard 2
Know the content and how to teach it
Focus area 2.1
Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
Career stage
Highly Accomplished
Support colleagues using current and comprehensive knowledge of content and teaching strategies to develop and implement engaging learning and teaching programs.
Other descriptors
Standard 2
Know the content and how to teach it
Focus area 2.6
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Career stage
Highly Accomplished
Model high-level teaching knowledge and skills and work with colleagues to use current ICT to improve their teaching practice and make content relevant and meaningful.
Standard 3
Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Focus area 3.4
Select and use resources
Career stage
Highly Accomplished
Assist colleagues to create, select and use a wide range of resources, including ICT, to engage students in their learning.
  1. What resources would you access to support a colleague’s use of effective teaching strategies?
  2. What kinds of resources, including ICT, do you typically provide to students to support their learning?
  3. What is required for ICT to encourage or develop ‘deep thinking’ in learners?
Davidson High School
New South Wales
Year level
Year 7
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Teaching Italian and Japanese part time at Davidson High School, the teacher also works as a consultant in surrounding schools delivering professional learning. Davidson High School, like many others, utilises its own staff to offer professional learning to its teachers. Workshops are planned and negotiated with the school’s leadership team. Because of the teacher’s belief in the value of ICT for teaching and learning, she offers a workshop to her peers, which is based on a successful lesson that she has previously taught to her students.

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