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Types of assessment

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The teacher leads a discussion with graduate teachers of assessment strategies and ways to move from theoretical knowledge to practical application in the classroom. The group discusses diagnostic, formative and summative assessment and talks about ways to distinguish between each approach.

Standard 5
Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning
Focus area 5.1
Assess student learning
Career stage
Highly Accomplished
Develop and apply a comprehensive range of assessment strategies to diagnose learning needs, comply with curriculum requirements and support colleagues to evaluate the effectiveness of their approaches to assessment.
  1. How do you use diagnostic, formative and summative assessment to assess student learning?
  2. What informal and formal processes do you use in the classroom?
  3. What support could you provide to less experienced colleagues about assessment strategies?
Reidy Park Primary School
South Australia
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The school in which this assessment discourse takes place is in a rural city in South Australia. The principal encourages graduate teachers to apply for positions at the school and ensures their first year is well supported through a mentor program.

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Department of Education and Child Development South Australia

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