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Team teaching moderation

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The teacher works with a colleague to moderate students’ work after a summative assessment task in order to make consistent and comparable judgements about students and their learning. As they team-teach a Year 3 and 4 mathematics class, the moderation of student work is key to providing students with consistent feedback on their learning.

Standard 5
Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning
Focus area 5.3
Make consistent and comparable judgements
Career stage
Understand and participate in assessment moderation activities to support consistent and comparable judgements of student learning.
  1. How do you use moderation to ensure consistent and comparable judgements when assessing students: a) across the year levels you teach, b) the year levels at your school and c) in your school cluster groups?
Belair Primary School
South Australia
Year level
Year 3
Year 4
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The school is in a metropolitan region in the Adelaide area.  The assessment moderation in this example is based around a Mathematics lesson which looks closely at creating, continuing and explaining patterns. 

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