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Jenny Gale



Ms Jennifer Gale commenced as a Director on 2 May 2016.

Ms Gale was appointed as the Secretary of the Tasmanian Department of Education on 18 January 2016.

Ms Gale has a 37-year career in education, having started teaching mathematics at Queechy High School and working across primary, secondary and senior secondary schools as a teacher and principal for 22 years, before being promoted to the position of Director, Office for Educational Review in 2000.

Since then Ms Gale has worked in a number of senior leadership roles across the department supporting schools, developing and implementing school improvement frameworks; leading the development of the Tasmanian Curriculum, including assessment standards and reporting; and on behalf of the Tasmanian Government negotiating national education policy and strategy.

Ms Gale was Acting Secretary of the Education Department between 2010 and 2011. Most recently Ms Gale has served as the Deputy Premier’s Chief of Staff.