cultural competency

Teaching Futures – Exploring issues impacting the Australian teaching profession 

Teaching Futures is a background paper exploring the key issues for the Australian teacher workforce. It highlights opportunities for future national efforts to build an effective, sustainable, supported, and high-status teacher workforce.  

Supporting Indigenous cultural competency in the Australian teaching workforce  

We are exploring how teachers and leaders in schools across Australia can be supported to enhance their Indigenous cultural competency. This multi-year project involves extensive consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experts, communities and the teaching profession and is being guided by the AITSL Advisory Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education. 

We’ll share more on this project throughout 2021.


Reducing red tape – Shifting the balance   

We have worked closely with the sector, including the profession, to review the impact of compliance and regulatory burden that teachers and school leaders face, to support them to focus more on teaching and learning.

The report starts from the premise that the requirements placed on schools exist for a reason, and that there are processes underway in many jurisdictions, systems and sectors and nationally to review and reduce regulatory burden.

Addressing school staff abuse – Making schools safe for everyone

The national strategy and accompanying materials to address school staff abuse aim to make schools safe for everyone. The strategy explores what leads to teacher, school leader and other school staff abuse and proposes potential solutions. Animated and written case studies share work already happening across states and territories, and a comprehensive resource list for those wanting to dive deeper. 

Supporting beginning teachers – My Teaching Advice 

As part of our ongoing work to help beginning teachers, we are piloting a new application, My Teaching Advice. Our research shows that beginning teachers, especially in regional, rural and remote locations, as well as those working casually or in early childhood, can struggle to access advice from experienced teachers.  

My Teaching Advice pairs beginning teachers with experienced teachers and is a partner app to My Induction.