cultural competency

Indigenous cultural competency in the Australian teaching workforce

AITSL is exploring how teachers and leaders in schools across Australia can be supported to enhance their Indigenous cultural competency. This multi-year project involves extensive consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experts, communities and the teaching profession and is being guided by the AITSL Advisory Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education. Find out more and share your views.

Strengthening the Capacity of Graduate Teachers to Teach Reading

New amendments to the Standards and Procedures now apply to ITE courses preparing graduates to teach in primary schools. Read more about the amendments here.

Working with the profession, we will develop materials to support high quality teaching of reading instruction in Initial Teacher Education programs, to be available by mid-2020.


Addressing teacher, school leader and other school staff abuse

AITSL is developing a national strategy to support schools to address abuse of teachers. The strategy will:

  • Explore what leads to teacher, school leader and other school staff abuse related to their roles in schools
  • Identify and assess existing policies and strategies to address this abuse
  • Propose potential solutions

Reducing Red Tape for Teachers and School Leaders

We will work closely with the sector, including the profession, to review the impact of compliance and regulatory burden that teachers and school leaders face, to support them to focus more on teaching and learning.

The review will start from the premise that the requirements placed on schools exist for a reason, and that there are processes underway in many jurisdictions, systems and sectors and nationally to review and reduce regulatory burden. This review will produce findings and recommendations by September 2020.


National Teacher Workforce Strategy

To be able to attract and retain quality teachers and prioritise specific areas of demand, it’s important that we understand the teaching workforce needs of the future. We are leading the development of a National Teacher Workforce Strategy, in close collaboration with all states and territories and the Australian Government. Areas of potential focus for the Strategy include:

  • developing an understanding of supply and demand
  • supporting teachers and the teaching profession
  • identifying and developing the ‘educators of the future’
  • addressing priority needs
  • building data and evidence.