Applying for an Assessment

Step 1

Check the Department of Immigration and Border Protection requirements for General Skilled Migration. Visit the Australian Skills Recognition Information website to assist with the identification of the relevant nominated occupation 


Step 2

Download the Application for Assessment for your chosen occupation and read in full. Read the Questions and Answers webpage which provides answers to common assessment questions.

Occupations and applications for assessment

Early childhood (Pre-primary school) teacher (ANZSCO 241111) 125KB DOCX

Primary school teacher (ANZSCO 241213) (CSOL 1 July 2013) 123KB DOCX

Middle school teacher (ANZSCO 241311) (CSOL 1 July 2013) 125KB DOCX

Secondary school teacher (ANZSCO 241411) 126KB DOCX

Special needs teacher (ANZSCO 241511) 131KB DOCX

Teacher of the hearing impaired (ANZSCO 241512) 131KB DOCX

Teacher of the sight impaired (ANZSCO 241513) 131KB DOCX

Special education teachers (not elsewhere classified) (ANZSCO 241599) 132KB DOCX

Note: Old application forms (dated 19 August 2013) will be accepted until 31 March 2014 however the new fee will apply.


Step 3

Complete and submit your application.


Step 4

On receipt of your application the assessment payment (AUD600) is processed and an email notification is issued, including an application reference numbers for use in all communications with AITSL. Allow 10 working days from AITSL receipt of your application before receiving the notification email.

Assessments are usually completed within 10 weeks (dependent upon peak demands) from the date of the initial notification email, providing all correctly certified supporting documents are submitted with the application.

Allow extra time for the postal delivery of the assessment outcome.


header Important information

It is the responsibility of the individual applicant to ensure an application is correctly completed and submitted well before an assessment outcome is required. AITSL does not provide a fast-track service. All assessment applications are processed in the order they are received.

Please do NOT contact AITSL for an update, as it will further delay processing times for all applications.

During period of peak demand, notification of any delays to the assessment and processing of applications and/or responses to telephone and email enquiries will be clearly posted on AITSL’s Assessment for Migration homepage.