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About Professional Learning

Professional Learning - Adam Smith and Frederick Brown

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  1. Why commit to professional learning?
  2. How do I ensure my learning is meaningful and relevant?
  3. What types of professional learning have the greatest impact?
  4. How can social media support my learning?
  5. How can I foster collaboration to realise effective professional learning?

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About professional learning

Supporting and promoting teacher and school leader professional learning is essential to the nation’s efforts to drive equity and excellence for all young Australians. In this way, AITSL, in collaboration with stakeholders across school education sectors and systems, contributes actively to young Australians achieving the goals established in the Melbourne Declaration as successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

The Charter will a nurture a nation-wide, high-achieving and vibrant professional learning culture

  • underpinned by the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and Australian Professional Standard for Principals;
  • and alongside the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework


An Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders

The Charter:

  • affirms the importance of learning in improving the professional knowledge, practice and engagement of all teachers and school leaders to achieve improvement in student outcomes,
  • articulates the expectation that all teachers and school leaders actively engage in professional learning throughout their careers; and
  • describes the characteristics of a high quality professional learning culture and of effective professional learning, to assist teachers, school leaders and those who support them to get the most from their professional learning.

Built upon a strong evidence base, the Charter:

  • outlines the importance of professional learning,
  • describes qualities of a professional learning culture,
  • articulates characteristics of effective professional learning; and
  • describes a shared responsibility commitment.


Development and consultation

Oct 2010 Australian Professional Learning Program guidelines (critique by Professor Diane Mayer, Deakin University and Associate Professor Margaret Lloyd, QUT)
Feb 2011 Professional Learning Think Tank (international and national experts).
Expert feedback and critique (Professor Dame Patricia Collarbone)
Apr 2011 Research paper (Dr Helen Timperley)
Jun 2011 Professional Learning Roundtable (international and national experts)
Aug 2011 Academic and expert critique (international and national)
Sep 2011 Opinion leader critique (sectoral and jurisdictional representatives)
Oct 2011 Public release for national conversation
Mar 2012 Dedicated meetings (teacher educators, sectoral and jurisdictional representatives)
Jun 2012 Australian Professional Associations survey
International experts feedback
Aug 2012 Endorsement by SCSEEC
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