Leadership Profiles

Leadership Reflection Tool

The Leadership Reflection Tool (LRT) has been developed around the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and the Leadership Profiles. It assists principals, school leaders and aspiring leaders to reflect on their leadership practice.

The LRT questions are based on the leadership actions described across the developmental pathways shown in the Profiles. Complete the questionnaire to:

  • locate your current leadership practice
  • identify strengths and areas for development
  • view your developmental pathway
  • access targeted leadership resources to assist your professional growth.

Leadership Reflection Tool

The LRT has been developed in response to enormous demand for the School Leader Self-Assessment Tool (SAT), which is currently offline. While the more comprehensive School Leader SAT comprises additional features, school leaders will find the LRT worthwhile for guiding their self-reflection and development.

To download the Leadership Reflection Tool...

The LRT is contained in an Excel spreadsheet.

To receive the LRT, please provide your details in the form below. You will receive an automated email that includes a link to download the LRT.

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